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Plastové odkvapové systémy z PVC

BRYZA is a gutter system introduced on the market at the beginning of 2004. Observation of the existing systems allowed us to create an innovative product that eliminates imperfections present in the existing ones. Engineering knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality components backed by many years of experience in plastics processing resulted in the creation of a perfect product and a reliable brand, bringing the highest quality into this branch. The motto of the manufacturer is to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of technical, practical and aesthetic characteristics. Appearance is an increasingly important criterion for the use of a material, however, the manufacturer did not forget about high quality of his products. Components made of PVC are characterized by low weight, weather resistance and colour durability confirmed by laboratory tests and aging tests performed ??in accordance with the requirements of norms PN-EN 607:2005, PN-EN 1462:2005 and PN-EN 12200-1:2002 .

The discreet elegance of classic shapes, easy installation, gasketed connections and range of seven colours in four sizes will satisfy your every need. BRYZA offers a complete system consisting of a semi-circular gutters with a traditional flange back in four diameters of 75, 100, 125, 150 mm, with corresponding fittings and pipes in three diameters of ? 63, ? 90, ? 110. The system is available in the following colours: white, brown, red, graphite, brick and green.

Tested under difficult conditions and tested on millions of roofs, Gamrat PVC gutter systems are highly recommended by contractors and investors. They guarantee a perfect drainage even at torrential downpours. Available in four popular colours: dark brown, black, graphite and white.

The secret of Gamrat PVC systems lies in the excellent quality and durability of the materials used for their construction. They are watertight and mechanically resistant, resistant to all industrial pollution and acid rains. The parabolic shape of the gutter gives it maximum throughput and performs in extreme conditions. Additional bends at the ends reinforce the structure and strengthen the gutter. The whole is complemented by innovative brackets, resistant to loads and corrosion. The elements of our system are easy to install and do not require additional funding for maintenance.

Lakované odkvapové systémy


Produced from high-quality Swedish GreenCoat® steel, the innovative StalGam system combines elegant looks with high efficiency in draining water  thanks to one of the deepest gutter profiles on the market. The high-tech coating structure ensures colour stability and long-term trouble-free operation. Snap-on connectors make installation fast and simple, thus reducing labour costs.

The StalGam system is recommended for single- and multi-family housing, as well as industrial and commercial buildings. StalGam is an extremely precise system manufactured in accordance with PN-EN-612:2006 and PN-EN-1462:2006.

GreenCoat® is a trademark of SSAB Group.