Over 30 years of experience in producing high-quality metal hooks and clamps for gutter systems

Company History

We are a family-owned company founded in 1992.

Since the beginning of our operations in the market, we have been engaged in the production of metal hooks and clamps for gutter systems.

Initially, our products were exclusively galvanized, but as new gutter systems emerged, they were painted with powder coatings with silicone dampers.

Currently, we produce high-quality hooks for gutters and clamps for pipes for most popular gutter systems (PVC and metal) available on the Polish market, with part of our production being sold abroad.

Technologically, our products are electro-galvanized and powder-coated (polyester paint) to match the color of the gutter system (with optional damper).

Although we mainly cooperate with gutter system manufacturers, large wholesalers, and distributors (both in Poland and abroad), we also fulfil individual orders (including custom-made orders) and work with individual customers.